Residential Heating/Cooling system: $ 189.00/per system

Heat Pump Maintenance: $ 220.00 with electric strip heat

Geothermal Maintenance: $ 250.00

Priority Customer Status for scheduling service 15% discount on any heating/cooling service call labor and parts during the year of the contract

Cooling Performance/Safety Check

  1. Check thermostat operation

At Furnace:

  1. Check air filter, clean or replace if needed.
  2. Inspect blower motor(oil bearings if applicable) and assembly.
  3. Take amperage reading of blower motor.
  4. Inspect condensate drain, flush if necessary.

At Outdoor Unit:

  1. Inspect condenser coil.
  2. Inspect all electrical connection in condensing unit
  3. Check service valves and service port caps.
  4. Check compressor voltage.
  5. Check contactor contacts for voltage drop.
  6. Read and record compressor discharge gas temperatures.
  7. Read and record suction line temperatures.
  8. Read and record liquid line temperatures.

At Furnace:

  1. Check evaporator coil performance.
  2. Check temperature drop across evaporator.
  3. Check unit operation according to charging calculator.
  4. Clean furnace cabinet
  5. Cycle system through one complete cycle.
  6. Reset thermostat
  7. Give writing diagnostic of report findings.

Heating Performance/Safety Check

  1. Check air filter, clean or replace if needed.
  2. Check thermostat operation.
  3. Check pilot ignition sequence.
  4. Observe main burner operation.
  5. Check flue draft on natural draft furnaces.
  6. Test fan switch/heating fan delay operation.
  7. Check primary limit operation.
  8. Cycle furnace off and record "fan off" temperature.
  9. Visually inspect heat exchanger.
  10. Check blower wheel for cleanliness.
  11. Check blower motor, lubricate if applicable.
  12. Check furnace temperature rise.
  13. Fire furnace, leak-check gas line from manual shut-off.
  14. Check auxiliary limit switch operation
  15. Check humidifier operation.
  16. Clean furnace cabinet
  17. Cycle system through one complete cycle.
  18. Give written diagnostic of report findings.

Term and Conditions for Comfort Performance Plan

Term of Contract: (1) heating and (1) cooling season.
Priority Customer Status: Feel better knowing if you have an emergency breakdown, you will have preferred scheduling over non-members. Members will also receive 15% off labor and materials on repairs.
No Worry Scheduling: We will contact you in the Spring and Fall to schedule your system performance check.
System Longevity and Efficiency: Regular maintenance will help ensure energy efficiency, extend the life of your equipment, and keep your manufacturer warranties intact.

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