Is a Generator Right for My Home?

The Best Way to Prepare for Severe Weather

Severe storms can cause a variety of problems ranging from falling trees to blackouts. While power outages are often just a nuisance, they can also last from days to weeks, depending upon the cause and damage. As we all know, electricity is a vital part of our homes. Not only do we rely on it to charge our devices and computer, but we also rely on it to power our refrigerators, heating and cooling systems, washers and dryers, as well as our light fixtures, security systems, garage doors, medical equipment, and much more. During unexpected power outages, is your home or office prepared for severe weather? The best way to prepare for potential blackouts is with a generator.

What is a Generator and How Do They Work?

Generators, or backup power supplies, are permanent appliances that provide continued power to your home. These systems are powered by natural gas or liquid propane and are directly connected to your home’s electrical panel. A few moments after the power goes out, a sensor is triggered to safely transfer power from your home’s electrical panel to the generator. The generator is then automatically powered on, providing seamless electricity to your home. When power is resorted to you home, the sensor then signals the generator to stop and retransfers the power to your home’s electricity system. This automation provides peace of mind to you and your family, knowing that you can rely on your generator to keep your home and valuables running no matter what occurs.

Is a Generator Right for My Home?

Like most homeowners, you rely on all of your major appliances and devices to get you through your week. Being without power can be a frustrating and uncomfortable situation. If you live in an area that frequently experiences severe weather such as snow storms or periods of heavy snowfall, thunderstorms or periods of heavy rain, hail, lighting storms, tornadoes, or hurricanes, it’s important to be prepared for a disaster and protect your home from significant damage. Likewise, if your home or small business relies on major appliances or computers, you would also benefit from a backup power source. Installing a whole-home generator can prevent these problems and provide you and your family with peace of mind. Generators are an affordable investment because they come in a variety of sizes. Whether you need to power a few lights in your home to power your most critical appliances, there is a generator that fit your specific needs.

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