7 Easy Spring Energy Saving Tips

As many Northeast Ohio homeowners know, spring brings unpredictable weather, which means you should be prepared for rain, snow, hail, and sunshine, sometimes all in the same day. With spring daytime temperatures reaching as high as the mid 80’s and evening temps dropping to below 50 degrees, it’s entirely possible to need both your furnace and air conditioner in a single day. As a result, it can be difficult to comfortably heat and cool your home without driving up your energy bills. The experts at Raymond Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning have put together 7 easy spring energy saving tips to help prevent wasting energy this spring:

  1. Install a programmable or smart wi-fi thermostat – advanced programming and scheduling can help save up to 15% per year on heating & cooling costs.
  2. Adjust your window treatments – opening your blinds can allow for natural sunlight versus your furnace to warm up your home on a chilly day. The reverse holds true for hot days, when you can close your blinds to keep the hot sunlight out and the air refreshingly cool inside.
  3. Invest in ENERGY STAR® appliances – using ENERGY STAR certified products can save the average home nearly $750 over the lifetime of the product.
  4. Reduce energy for water heating – Some water heater manufacturers recommend keeping your water heater set at 140˚F, by lowering this temperature to 120˚F, you can save up to 10% on your annual water heating costs. Also, think about installing low-flow showerheads to reduce your overall water consumption.
  5. HVAC maintenance – spring is the best time to have an HVAC professional perform a maintenance check on your air conditioner. Yearly cooling inspections help your air conditioning system to operate more efficiently and effectively as well as prevent against unexpected costly breakdowns. If you haven’t already done so, you should also have your furnace tuned-up to help you save as well.
  6. Replace the air filter in your furnace – Dirty air filters can restrict an HVAC system’s air flow, making it work harder and less efficiently to distribute tempered air throughout your home. Replacing your filter once every few months will not only help your system operate more efficiently, but it will lower your HVAC’s energy consumption by up to 15%.
  7. Run your ceiling fans – Did you know that ceiling fans have two modes, forward and reverse? For a wind-chill cooling effect during the spring and summer, you can set a fan’s circulation mode to forward (counter-clockwise motion). In the winter set your fan’s circulation mode in reverse (clockwise motion), at a low speed, producing an updraft that gently pushes warm air that naturally rises to the ceiling back down into occupied space.

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