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The Winter Can Create Plumbing Problems

Posted by Raymond Plumbing Heating and Air Conditioning on Feb 14, 2012

The winter weather in the U.S. has for the most part been mild but that could change at any time. Many feel that the furnace is the main thing to check and have ready for the colder months but there are other considerations that the homeowner should be aware of.

frozen pipes in the winterThe snow and ice of winter will eventually melt, sometimes with the help of rain. This can lead to some problems for homeowners, especially those with sump pumps in their basements. A clogged pump that may burn out due to overuse can lead to damage in the basement that may or may not be covered by homeowners insurance.

A quick inspection of the sump pump and all your pipes can help prevent an expensive problem from cropping up. The added water brought on by melting snow is just one area that can be harmful to your budget. Rupturing pipes due to freezing or possible backflow problems brought on by a water main break are winter occurrences that the Lorain County plumbing contractor can handle quickly and easily.

In addition to inspecting your pipes, the testing of your backflow safeguards is another winter check-up you should consider in your effort to prevent unwanted winter problems. Serious health issues could result if polluted water backs up into your home water supply. There are different backflow prevention devices that the Lorain County plumbing contractor can suggest to ensure that your home and family are safe from these potential dangers.

There are also ways that this expert can advise you on how to save money throughout other areas of your home. Bathroom and kitchen sinks can be upgraded with faucets that use less water and the shower head can be changed to get the same effect. Schedule an appointment to find out all of the ways that you can protect your home from plumbing problems and save money on your water bill.

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