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How to Clean Heat and Air Conditioning Vents

Posted by Raymond Plumbing Heating and Air Conditioning on Jun 11, 2010

Most Lorain County residents understand the importance of scheduling seasonal performance checks of their Lorain County furnace and air conditioner. Regular performance checks keep home heating and cooling appliances operating smoothly and at peak efficiency all through the year. But the ducts through which that equipment pushes the air that heats and cools your home are taken for granted. You might run your duster or vacuum head over the vent grates when they look dirty, but most Lorain County homeowners tend to ignore heating and cooling ducts.

heat and air conditioning ventsWhat Lorain County homeowners don’t realize is that dust buildup in their duct work can negatively impact both their health and their wallets. When dust accumulates in heating and cooling ducts, it traps allergens which are then blown through the home every time the furnace fan turns on. Dust, mold, pollen and other allergens are distributed through your home along with cold or warm air. Not only does dust build up impact indoor air quality, but it also impairs the performance of your furnace and air conditioner and can eventually shorten equipment life.

Seasonal cleaning of the air vent system in your Lorain County home will improve indoor air quality  and ensure that your furnace and air conditioner run at peak efficiency all season long. Cleaning ducts can be a little time consuming – about 15 minutes per unit – but is not difficult.

    1. Turn off your furnace or air conditioner while cleaning.
    2. Using the crevice tool, vacuum floor, baseboard and ceiling vents. If your vacuum tool won’t reach upper vents, use a duster with an extension pole. 
    3. Remove vent covers with a screwdriver and wash with dish soap. Use a sponge-type paint brush to get between slats. 
    4. Using crevice tool or cobweb duster, clean inside ducts as far as you can reach. 
    5. Replace vent covers when dry.

Maintaining your air duct system in good repair with annual spring and fall performance checks helps to ensure that your air conditioner and furnace will work efficiently all season long.

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