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Strategies to Heat Water More Efficiently

water heaters sign

The Department of Energy has listed some ways that you can decrease the money you spend on heating water. Here are their suggestions:

Another Corporation Joins the Energy Efficiency Team

energy efficient washer and dryer

Proctor and Gamble Joins the Alliance to Save Energy

The Proctor and Gamble Corporation has joined with the Alliance to Save Energy in an effort to help promote washing clothes in cold water to reduce energy use in the home. Heating water for washing clothes can consume 80% of the energy used per load according to the Alliance to Save Energy. Proctor and Gamble wants to promote the idea that clothes laundered with their new product that is designed to work best in cold water can reduce energy use and emissions.

Help Your Appliances be More Energy Efficient

energy efficient washer and dryer

Make Appliances More Efficient to Save a Substantial Amount on Your Utility Bill

Many appliances are improved every year to use less and less energy but buying new models every year is hardly cost effective. There are ways that you can keep improving the efficiency of some of the biggest energy users in your home after their purchase.

A New Energy Based Tax Credit has been Introduced

A new tax credit can help you save money by using energy efficient products like this light bulb

Three U.S. Senators have introduced legislation to give homeowners up to a 30% tax credit for improving the energy efficiency of their homes. In a press release Senator Olympia Snowe of Maine said the bill would give Americans who improve their energy efficiency by twenty percent a tax credit of 30% on the expenditures up to $5,000. This bill introduced November 18, 2011 would continue the work of previous tax credits that are available until December 31, 2011.

Watch out for that Tunnel Vision: Hot Water Heater Check

Hot Water Heater

How Will You Reduce Your Winter Energy Expenditures?

Many Lorain County residents are getting ready for the winter. It’s going to be cold for sure with the temperature on some days dipping down close to zero. With that in mind some of us may be a little too focused in one area when thinking of how to reduce our winter energy expenditures. We may go into the basement and look over the heater and decide to replace the filter and clean up parts we can reach

Tax Credits Available For Hot Water Heater

Newly installed energy efficient water heater

The government’s tax credit program to help encourage energy efficiency has extended some of the credits available for water heaters. There are some limits placed on the type of heater and no electric heaters are included. If you have recently decided to replace your water heater, a plumbing contractor will be able to advise you which type of water heater will best serve your particular needs.

Tips for Selecting Energy-Efficient Hot Water Heater

tankless hot waterheater

If your water heater tank is starting to leak, it’s time to get a new, energy-efficient hot water heater. Lorain County residents have several options to choose from. In making your decision, consider your family’s personal needs, utility availability, cost and energy-efficiency. A licensed Lorain County plumber can discuss the pros and cons of each option and install a new hot water system in your home.

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