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Heating Maintenance: El Nino and Winter Temperatures for 2014-2015

heating maintenance

El Nino is expected to have a tremendous impact on weather coming into the 2014-2015 winter season. Expect the unexpected, with mild, sunny offerings one week followed by severe cold and snow the next. The season is expected to begin warmer and dryer than normal, trending to a cold, snowy climate in February and March. Large winter snow and ice storms are expected, influenced primarily by the intensity of this trend. Is your home prepared?

What's Wrong With My Air Conditioner?

Air conditioning repair and troubleshoot with Raymond Plumbing.

It might be hard to believe after Cleveland's record-setting winter last year, but summer tempratures are finally here! Now is the time to ensure your air conditioner is working at optimal performance. But what happens when you turn down the thermostat and nothing happens?

Is My Bathroom Making Me Sick?

Your bathroom could be getting you sick. Learn the health risk here.

You think of your bathroom as a place to improve your well-being. It’s where we shower, wash our hair, and brush our teeth. Yet, it might surprise you to realize that spending time in your bathroom might actually be making you ill.The combination of grooming plus cleaning can result in residue of various types that can be dangerous to your health.

How Can I Make My Bathroom Child-friendly?

How to make a child-friendly bathroom.

Instilling good grooming habits in your children can be challenging to say the least. You can make it more kid-friendly and less of a chore when you outfit your bathroom to better accommodate your youngsters. Here are some fun and functional ideas to make clean-up time more entertaining.

What Are The Symptoms of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning?

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning and safety tips.

Carbon monoxide, or CO, is called the silent killer. Odorless and colorless, this gas causes illness to more than 20,000 Americans and kills more than 400 every year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Often associated with faulty furnaces, carbon monoxide poisoning is not just a winter problem. It can also be caused by automobile exhaust, gasoline generators, charcoal and gas grills, improperly vented hot water heaters, clogged dryer vents and improperly working gas appliances. (Click to read the tragic tale of a New York family on BuildingSpecs.com.)

Preparing for Summer - 3 Must Do's

Is your air conditioning prepared for the summer heat?

With the summer well on its way, this year's early, record-setting cold weather is now just a memory. While you're no doubt looking forward to the warmth and sunshine, it won't be long before air conditioners will be running. Now is the time to make sure that your system is in peak condition.

Winter Tips for Saving Heat and Money – Part 2

Follow these tips to save money during winter.

Winter is expected to deliver a few more icy blasts before spring arrives in Lorain County, Ohio. As noted in our previous post, scheduling a heating performance and safety check is the smartest thing you can do to keep heating consumption and costs down during the winter. You might also want to consider scheduling a home energy audit which examines your entire home for possible energy issues, providing home owners with a list of recommended repairs.

Winter Tips for Saving Heat and Money with Raymond Plumbing – Part 1

Stay warm this winter by calling Raymond Plumbing for heating consultation.

Baby, it’s cold outside – and it’s going to get colder! Before winter’s official start, Lorain County, Ohio had already suffered through more than one blast of frigid arctic air. Those crazy jet stream inversions that cause the mercury in northern Ohio to plunge into the single digits seem to be occurring more often, promising a few more icy blasts before winter ends.

5 Tips for Using Your Programmable Thermostat

Programmable thermostats can are energy efficient. Call Raymond Plumbing for installation.

Have you ever gotten out of your cozy bed in the middle of the night to adjust the heat? How about coming home to a chilly house after a long day at work? These scenarios are a thing of the past thanks to programmable thermostats.

5 Facts about Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are incredibly energy-efficient in warming and cooling your home.

A pump may sound like a piece of equipment suitable for water or other liquids. In fact, a heat pump is one of the more efficient systems available to handle both heating and cooling needs for your home. These units can pay off in terms of savings on your utility bills along with reduced energy usage to boost your “green living” profile.

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