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Winter Tips for Saving Heat and Money – Part 2

Follow these tips to save money during winter.

Winter is expected to deliver a few more icy blasts before spring arrives in Lorain County, Ohio. As noted in our previous post, scheduling a heating performance and safety check is the smartest thing you can do to keep heating consumption and costs down during the winter. You might also want to consider scheduling a home energy audit which examines your entire home for possible energy issues, providing home owners with a list of recommended repairs.

Winter Tips for Saving Heat and Money with Raymond Plumbing – Part 1

Stay warm this winter by calling Raymond Plumbing for heating consultation.

Baby, it’s cold outside – and it’s going to get colder! Before winter’s official start, Lorain County, Ohio had already suffered through more than one blast of frigid arctic air. Those crazy jet stream inversions that cause the mercury in northern Ohio to plunge into the single digits seem to be occurring more often, promising a few more icy blasts before winter ends.

5 Tips for Using Your Programmable Thermostat

Programmable thermostats can are energy efficient. Call Raymond Plumbing for installation.

Have you ever gotten out of your cozy bed in the middle of the night to adjust the heat? How about coming home to a chilly house after a long day at work? These scenarios are a thing of the past thanks to programmable thermostats.

5 Facts about Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are incredibly energy-efficient in warming and cooling your home.

A pump may sound like a piece of equipment suitable for water or other liquids. In fact, a heat pump is one of the more efficient systems available to handle both heating and cooling needs for your home. These units can pay off in terms of savings on your utility bills along with reduced energy usage to boost your “green living” profile.

From Boilers to Air Conditioners, Raymond Plumbing Has You Covered

Call Raymond Plumbing, the HVAC professionals of Lorain County.

Located in Lorain County, Ohio, Raymond Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning offers both residential and commercial customers a comprehensive range of year-round, full-service plumbing, heating and cooling services. From boilers to air conditioners, heat pumps to sump pumps and repairs to new construction, Raymond’s home comfort experts have you covered.

Clean Air Tips for a Healthy Home

Do you value indoor air quality? Call Raymond Plumbing, your indoor air pollution experts.

The air we breathe could be bad for our health. The World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer recently added air pollution to the list of carcinogens, according to an Associated Press report published on NBCNews.com. Called a potent cause of lung cancer, smog joins tobacco, asbestos and ultraviolet radiation on the growing list of environmental cancer triggers. While components of air pollution, such as diesel fumes, have previously been identified as carcinogens; this is the first time air pollution itself has been classified as a cancer-causing agent.

Your Heating or Air Conditioning Equipment May Need Troubleshooting

Consider using our HVAC troubleshooting guides before calling the pros at Raymond Plumbing.

If you are experiencing trouble with your heating or air conditioning equipment, taking a few minutes to troubleshoot common problems could save you a repair bill. A word of caution though, overestimating your repair skills could wind up costing you more money if you accidentally damage your HVAC system.

Winter Projections for 2013 and 2014

Winter projections for 2014 are expected to be harsh. Prepare with Raymond Pluming.

How much will you be turning up the thermostats for this winter in Lorain County, OH? Depends on who’s doing the forecasting.

How to Choose the Right Air Filter for Your Furnace

Raymond Plumbing and help you choose the right furnace air filter.

A clean air filter will help your furnace run more efficiently and save you money on your energy bills. Raymond’s Lorain County furnace experts recommend that home and business owners inspect furnace filters every month and replace them at least every three months. Filters may need to be replaced more often during peak heating and cooling seasons and in homes with pets, smokers or allergy sufferers.

Air Filter Ratings Explained

It's important to know the air filter rating heating and cooling efficiency.

One do-it-yourself job takes only moments but can make a big difference in your HVAC performance: changing the furnace filter.

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